Helping everyone, everywhere with quick, relevant, and digestible data insights without requiring advanced skill sets.


Rethink Data Analytics

XtraLeap is the FIRST and ONLY pay-per-use, full-stack analytics platform and offers ready-to-deploy data analytics solutions bazaar ("marketplace") where everyone builds, gains insights, and monetizes reusable analytics solutions.





Spend Wisely


Full Stack Analytics Platform Access. Pay Only for What You Need, When Your Need It.


Build Your
Cash Cow

Monetize and Reuse Analytics Solutions. Act Locally. Impact Globally.


Data is Telling You a Story. We Can Help You See and Hear the Truth.


Cloud Choice

Pick Your Favorite Cloud.

Deploy on public cloud, private or hybrid option of your preference. Store and Analyze securely wherever you want.



The sky's the limit.

Disaggregated Architecture supports the fine granular scale of compute and data storage independently to save costs, increase efficiency, and spend optimization.



Stop Reacting To Your Data. Anticipate and Drive Your Business Based on Your Data.

Simplify and Reduce burden. Rapid fast analytics rollout, not months. Free up staff to focus on strategic initiatives and tasks to support business. 



Your business adapts, changes, and evolves. Now your analytics platform does, too.

Flexible workloads, resources, and cost-efficient services to meet your ever-changing business needs.



Full Stack Service

Fully Managed Service

A fully managed analytics service simplifies administration.


Compelling Experience

Your analytics solution just went from a nice to have, to imperative to your operational efficiency.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Ease of use means adoption, productivity, saving time and money.

Never Stop Questioning

Never Stop Questioning

Ask questions and get answers regardless of data size or complexity.

How We Differentiate

Our view on the competition in the business intelligence and analytics space.



Speed: Achieve faster data acquisition to actionable insights whereas others take weeks to months. Reduction in number of resources from many to a few. More agile data projects.

Elasticity: Ability to scale out and scale up instantly compared to others.

Ease of Use: Our Low code platform reduces the complexity in developing scalable data pipelines to process large datasets.

Operational Excellence: Focus on strategic tasks to support business. You are stress free by our fully managed service.

Autonomy and Governance: Fully managed SaaS application eliminates the burden of administrative tasks, upgrades, and security patches.

License Consolidation: 3 technologies capabilities in one.

User Experience: Designed for non technical people. Built entirely with the end user’s experience and today’s dynamic needs in mind.

End to End Solution Marketplace: Why do you pay for XtraLeap platform services? Be creative, build solutions, list on marketplace, make money and, pay the XtraLeap platform costs.

Improving ROI of Your Existing Cloud DWH: Our solution can work on top of your existing cloud data warehouse thus maximizes returns on investments. 

Popularity: Number of years in the business and growth.

Affordability & Flexibility: Pay only for what you have used or for how long you have used.