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Advertising and Marketing
Capture, analyze massive scale events to measure consumer interests. Refine them to deliver content based on consumer interests and motivations. Do more with less and save costs by leveraging our recommended modern technology stack built for purpose. 

Leverage modern data technology to deliver cost-efficient, scalable advertising and marketing data analytics solution to capture, analyze, visualize events to measure consumer interests. 

Refine and correlate consumer patterns at peta byte scale and deliver personalized marketing content to drive more revenue.


Image by Darren Chan

Modern data architecture delivers unmatched capabilities and deliver petabyte scale realtime events analysis with significant cost savings.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl

Do more with less. Leverage open source technologies and purpose built software to drive innovation in advertisement and marketing.


You focus on making customer fall in love with your business. We cover you behind to make it all possible with our innovative technology and solutions.

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