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What is the program?

The Data fellowship program is a 4-week online program designed to prepare students for a successful journey towards data. With the rise of data and giving an uplift to the new economy, data engineering and data science are promising fields for aspiring professionals.

Our program focuses on teaching students the practical and technical skills needed to kick-start a career in the data field or a foundational step to data self-service work for the business or personal.

This program is a volunteered and not-for-profit to serve the poor. We collect very minimal fees to facilitate virtual classes and materials for those who are in need.

Course syllabus:

Is this program right for you?

Do you want to lay down a path towards becoming a data champion? Do you wish to learn data techniques but need expert guidance? Are you passionate, eager to learn, ambitious, and most of all, data-savvy?

If yes, or if any of the following personas relate to you, we think this program might be beneficial. Also, Please make sure you read FAQ.







Who we are

We are a group of innovative and creative technologists, analysts, and thinkers. We provide state - of - art solutions and collaborate with agencies, NGOs, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. We believe in designing solutions for the better future.


Siva is an expert solution architect and principal consultant and has developed, deployed Data & Analytics solutions at various Fortune 100 companies​ and he would be sharing his knowledge, experiences, learnings and best practices in this program.

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What industry experts say

Siva Kowsika

Founder, Xtraleap

Ravi Chakra Turaga, Research Scientist, Georgia State University

Xtraleap offers many core subject programs for data analysis programs that provides top quality education at a nominal fee. Xtraleap program includes practice for every student to grasp skills necessary to excel in data. At the same time, xtraleap is known to compete with established peers in training the next generation data fellows.  I have been monitoring progress in xtraleap and their teams effort to help the under privileged to learn and shape their careers in data. I will definitely recommend them.

Dr. P. C. Srinivasa Rao, Ph.D. (IIT Dhanbad), PDF (IIIT Bangalore)

I have gone through the curriculum of the Data fellowship program at Xtraleap. It was designed in a way to make the students industry-ready. It covers the overview of the importance of data analytic tools for the current industrial needs. Definitely, this program helps the students to understand and learn how to start a career in data. Coming to the team, Mr. Siva Prasad Kowsika is a dynamic and visionary leader. As an academician, I could say the way how he designed the syllabus really fills the gaps in academics and industry, which helps the students Job ready. 

Dr. M. Somasundar Rao, M.Tech, Ph.D

Xtraleap designed the course very professional, and extremely easy to pick up data concepts for someone who doesn't know anything about data at all. I found it to be practical and informative. The sections were detail-oriented. The variety of classes and professionalism of instructors makes this one of my favorite online learning programs. I would recommend it.

Sarah Ren, Engineer, Investment Banking

Siva is an expert in the SQL world! I’ve known him for a couple of years and he always come to the rescue whenever I’ve faced difficult challenges, whether it be finding out the latest records for each individual user from a table of more than a billion of security events for million users, or figuring out why some queries take more than 10 minutes to return. He knows the game! Looking at the syllabus, he really balances out academic/theories and practical/real world usage. The courses are very well designed to give a broad yet hands-on introduction to newcomers. For people who have little or no experience and knowledge about SQL development, this is a great opportunity to get your feet in the door! Happy learning!

What people say

Monica, M. India.

Xtraleap team has put in all the effort to groom us and laid a foundation. After the course, I feel 10X confident in data and related fundamental concepts. Now, I'm up for more advanced concepts and learning using self-paced tutorials.

Nageena, Shaik. India.

I spent a few tens of thousands of rupees on a similar course from another institute, and I felt I lost time more than money. Then I took sessions through the Xtraleap Data Fellowship program, and I can't thank them enough for the help. It was such a huge help. They not only saved me money but also explained the concepts of SQL and Data Analysis with real-life data scenarios and easy to remember. 

Pawan K, Kumar. India.

My experience with Xtraleap Data Fellowship program is great and i'm now confident on data and related terminology which was totally unclear to me before.

Ye, W. USA.

I would definitely recommend this course. The instructor comes with real-time experience along with technical knowledge. My experience was incredible.

Divya Teja, Ch. India.

There are many courses and several instructors out there but Xtraleap course and their instructions stand out. For me, Xtraleap course is a ray of hope in dark times. This course is now needed than ever.

Kiranmayi, B. India.

I have loved it. I'm glad i chose this course. The team has been very helpful, have lot of patience. I enjoyed the course and flexible with online classes. I didn't have to move anywhere and everything from start to end attended online.

Satish Kumar, L. India.

Xtraleap course helped me understand the concepts of data and analytics. Their explanation with real-life examples is a unique and practical approach.

Gong Z. USA.

Xtraleap Data Fellowship was a beautiful experience. The course covered all the fundamental concepts that one need to know before taking up career in data field. It covers real-time examples, various industry technologies, SQL and Visualizations what not. A good course for someone to begin the data journey.

JiaJia L. USA.

I would recommend to a friend or a colleague. The course is a great fit if you are planning your career in data field. You will walk out with the knowledge to solve business problems using data.


Frequently asked questions

How does this program benefit my career?

The program's goal is to kick-start your journey into the data and analytics space. This program covers concepts of data engineering, SQL concepts, SQL tips and tricks, Data analysis, Data blending, and visualization using Tableau and Excel. So, a student must have a laptop to be successful. We've learned these concepts in a challenging way but, you don't have to. We are here to help to the maximum possible and teach you tips and best practices that we've used at Fortune 100 companies.

How does this course work and its schedule?

This program is a 4-week course, and we will conduct two sessions per week. That means a total of 8 sessions available for an individual, and each session runs up to an hour.

Do I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, we'd provide a digital certificate upon completion, and the certificate is subject to the clearance of the final assignment project submitted by the student.

What are the minimum fees to enroll in this program?

What we do through this course is community service for a few hours a week. Xtraleap's primary business function is to build and sell software products and services. so, we could do only 20 - 25 students per batch. An experienced instructor with 15 years of industry experience at various Fortune 100 companies would typically charge a maximum up to 2000 USD or equivalent to 1,50,000 INR for this type of course. Our goal is not to make money through this program but to serve poor and to help those who are in need. We want everyone to grow despite of their economic background and committed to take technology to the masses. We collect nominal fees for a 4-week program. 15 dolloars or equivalent amount of 1000 INR will be charged per student. There are exceptions as well. Fees will be waived-off based on the economic background and on merit basis. These funds cover administrative activities and provide uninterrupted online sessions and necessary content. We will review the fee structure from time to time to make it the most affordable possible.

How do I enroll in this program?

Resumes are bull shit. To enroll in this program, write to us about why you want to be part of this program and your career goals, and your academic scores, if applicable. Apply here.

Will this course guarantee me a job?

This course intends to help each student be efficient and stand out from the crowd. It is student's responsibility to perform well during the program tenure and follow our guidance, assignments so that he/she will be confident during the interview process. Happy learning and best of luck.

Do i get paid during this program?

This program is structured to help students by dedicating our valuable time and volunteering a few hours from our busy schedule. For students, this program helps avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars for similar training outside. That said, We do not pay stipends for students right now, but once a fellow is offered an internship role with Xtraleap based on his/her proven performance, then we would engage them in real-time client projects and eligible for salary/scholarships.

Is fellowship same as job application?

No. They both are different. Fellowship is a training program and helps you aquire data skills. If you are interested in a career with us, find open positions on our careers page. Follow us on Linkedin for new job posting and updates.


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