Our Story


Apr 2020 - Oct 2020: Research, and Ideation


XtraLeap is the brainchild of Siva Kowsika. After spending nearly 15 years in professional services, advisory consulting, and at various startups, Siva took a career break from the job, and followed his dreams on building a modern data stack of “Composable Enterprise Microservices Suite”.


How do we describe “Composable Enterprise Microservices Suite” Technology for Analytics? How does it help the Mid-Market? 


Why do mid-market companies need 4 different technologies? 5 different team members get the value out of data. How can it be optimized using modern cloud computing?


Our goal is to deploy a fully integrated analytics platform with a click of a button on your choice of cloud. 


Additional benefits include 1) Pre-built solution packages, 2) Open-ended APIs to Maximize Data-sharing Capabilities, 3) Minimal maintenance effort, 4) Scalable per demand, and 5) Shielded by state-of-the-art security, & governance controls.


Realizing “Composable Enterprise Microservices Suite” 


Oct 2020 - Oct 2021: Scaling beyond MVP


On Oct 31 - 2020, Siva returned to India from the USA to focus on building the product. It was a tough move leaving his wife and 5 yr old in the states.


On Dec 1 - 2020, Siva got the first prototype of the platform up and running on his laptop. He spun up a docker desktop and pushed all of the microservices onto it. He used the setup to do demos for early previews and collected feedback.


This activity kept going in loops until the early days of November 2021.


During this period, Siva did three things. 


  1. Built scalable, extensible microservices / APIs for the platform.

  2. Made as many calls as possible with customers of leading ELT/ Analytics platform users and collected the feedback and iterated the product.

  3. Asked people if they are interested in trying the product by installing and experiencing the platform.


During those calls, we learned that most of the SMB customers besides paying for the software were also paying hefty amounts on infrastructure, and resources and to develop solutions from the ground up.


That’s why we decided to build XtraLeap as a fully integrated analytics software as a service for Mid-Market.


Launching and Traction


Nov 2021 - Till Today.


XtraLeap's technology goal is to be a cloud-agnostic service and the product has been tested on various leading cloud providers like AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, etc.


In Dec 2021, We officially launched the product to the public and hosted it on DigitalOcean after entering into a partnership with them.


When we launched the product, we had about 7 connectors which were SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, ODBC, and CSV. In addition, 25+ different types of visualizations provided within the platform. Our goal is to get feedback and see how we prioritize our platform development. 


We’ve seen a growth of 87 + workspaces, and 130 + users as of May 31, 2022. Each workspace is a tenant dedicated to one customer.


We got more and more traction every week. January was 2x what December was in terms of usage. We achieved 4x growth throughout April & May, at which stage we got 87 + workspace deployments overall.


As a team, we are open to anyone and everyone who shares our vision to commoditize data analytics stack and focus solely on modernizing analytics experiences for mid-market users. But to do that, we needed to grow the team… and we are working on it.


Goals and Roadmap


When our first paying customer signed up on our product, we did not have connectors to Google BigQuery, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. So then, we built some connectors in-house and partnered with a leading data integration tool (OEM model) to get us going quickly on various connectors.


After working with our customer, we’ve learned that today’s CROs, CMOs, CCOs need speedy insights into all of the sales, marketing, product adoption & telemetry, customer service management and operations, and financial reports for the entire organization at a centralized place with an ability to slice and dice the data historically.


We see an opportunity to help the mid-market CROs and CMOs by offering pre-packaged solutions and customizable solutions on top of Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, and a few more… A fixed monthly/affordable pricing model with the combination of software, professional services, customizable templates, and support.


Some of our immediate priorities are listed below:


  1. Build a community and create self-serve materials / tutorials for our end users to create content with minimal help.

  2. Prioritize insights delivery via Slack notifications to notify and help users get visibility into insights when numbers change.

  3. Another major enhancement which we planned is to embed a Data processing tool (white label) into our product so that we open up 100’s data connectors and offer a variety of cloud data warehouse choices (Snowflake, Google Bigquery, Redshift, etc) for our customers.

  4. Lastly, we are primarily driven by SQL based analytics. We will be prioritizing the platform enhancements to move towards a low-code platform. AI and Machine learning will be a huge part of this.

Business Model


XtraLeap Cloud


We have various plans for our customers. The first plan is basic which is free for all. This is our commitment to commoditizing the data analytics stack for small startups and small companies.


The other two plans are Teams and Business which are paid. The team's plan is good for a small size group of team members, and the business plan is good for Mid-Market Companies.


For large enterprises. It will vary depending on the usage.


XtraLeap Hybrid


Self-hosted, controlled infrastructure for scalability, and privacy purposes. This is a snapshot of our current minds. Of course, we will surely evolve along the way as we speak about many different enterprises and their needs.


Strategy / Our Focus


We want to become the standard in Modern Data Stack & Analytics that most companies use in the future. A Modern Data Stack & Analytics stack typically consists of a Data Warehouse / Data Lake, ELT, BI and Analytics, Security & Governance. 


This implies that XtraLeap will support the majority of Cloud Data Warehouses (Snowflake, BigQuery), Embeds ELT framework (or In-House Technology), and Built-In Reporting and Analytics capabilities.


We don’t want to build everything and make it look like “frankenstein”. Instead, we want to be a team of Avengers to combat complex data challenges for enterprises. As a step towards it, we want to make our product integrated into Snowflake/BigQuery ( DWH Hulk) , Data processing (ELT Thor), etc. This keeps us doing better at what we know, and leverages other tools where they are very strong.


Eventually, You should be able to own a modern data stack software at the price you can afford or by paying for what you need or use.


  1. Complete stack at one place, enabling you to add and build your analytics solutions very easily and customize any pre-built one;

  2. Data privacy and control; and

  3. Consumption-based pricing.


Apart from what the majority of BI products provide, below are a few key advantages with us:


  1. Our offering is fully integrated with customizable things. This means you have the power to choose your cloud, cloud data warehouse, and build new or extend any of our pre-built analytics packages.

  2. We will be able to offer a wide range of connectors, visualizations, and pre-built solutions, plus you can buy a dedicated managed services plan at the price you can afford and predict your monthly costs.

  3. We aim to achieve zero-friction adoption for small and medium-sized companies with our software and services.

  4. Avoid vendor lock-in by choosing your cloud, data warehouse, etc.

Last Updated: May 31, 2022