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A successful path towards Modern Data Architecture

Data is everywhere, and every business needs to analyze efficiently and securely. The market leaders and new startup companies are bringing new software and enhancements every year to solve the data challenges. This article is not about a specific vendor or software, but rather the focus is on methods and approach towards Modern Data Architecture.

Data is growing ever so, the challenges. The game that never ends.

CIO and CDO goal:

Put the data to work securely and efficiently so that the results help solve business problems. The results should help in the business decision process to increase profitability, understand customer choices, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency.

How should I modernize data platform ?

Old techniques to solve new-age problems?

The Data Warehouse

The general opinion: Data Warehouse is complicated and difficult to modify data warehouse structure if the organization adopting the dimensional approach. It requires a lot of studies, lengthy process, data modeling, complex ETL, takes several resources and months to years to develop.

Would this work in these new times?

In today's world, organizations need to make decisions on fast data because everything around moving fast. Remember the marvelous climax in the movie The Martian. It may sound irrelevant here, but it is a genius and crazy thought. During the rescue mission, NASA plans to have Watney fly the escape vehicle into space so that his crew intercepts him. Can we imagine that? The plan sounds fictional and crazy, but Watney has to make the rocket as light as possible. I like that.

Get rid of bulk, old rules.

Adopt new methods and modern software innovations that make real sense and practical. The modern data architecture does similar to what Watney has done to his vehicle. Data movement and data transformations are essential but need to adopt methods that eliminate the waste and operates efficiently. Here comes our expertise to help you succeed.

Several technologies, consulting companies exist today to help businesses to make faster, better decisions. We are the experts and force multipliers of new-age technology with hands-on experience in Modern Data Architecture deployments.

Execution matters.

Xtraleap Team.

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