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Beyond Beautiful Dashboards: What's next?

Is your analyst team spending close to 20% of the time understanding the information presented on a dashboard or looking for the information? Is your Data and Reporting team spending more than 75% of the time managing 100's of dashboards like a machine? Yet, there is a ton of IT backlog? I've seen both sides of the world. An axe without a shaft is no threat to the forest.

As a consultant, I've worked at several organizations. I noticed that there are several 100's of dashboards in production. In some cases, the number is even higher.

25% of the dashboards are throw away and ungoverned. Another 30% of the dashboards reflect stale data. 50% of the dashboards undergo several maintenance changes and perform very slow due to added complexity over time.

Dashboards are like classic cars.

There are a lot of use cases that a dashboard would not be able to deliver. Here is a quick example: An executive will not find time to open a dashboard to discover business metrics impacting the business. Numbers change fast, and executives need them at fingertips instead of waiting for a few hours and click through various dashboards and filters to get them out.

By the time when an end-user sees the dashboard, the data becomes stale because data flows through the cumbersome ETL process. The dashboards are the perfect ones for metrics, trends that changes every few hours.

Are dashboards real use?

Yes, only a few cases.

What are the alternatives?

With massive data generated every moment by the organizations, dashboards are not enough for enterprise data analytics. Dashboards are excellent for monitoring key metrics and often aggregated but don't help much in pivoting the analysis of multi-billion rows faster, real-time data discovery, ad-hoc analysis, and advanced analytics using Python, R and Spark ML, etc.

We are here to help. Our consultants worked with fortune companies solve analytics problems using cutting edge technologies built for these problems and deployed modern architecture platforms to production in weeks.

If your organization is looking for ways to democratize data securely, efficiently and cost effectively, we should connect.

Xtraleap Team.



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