Faster, Better decisions with near real-time data service layer for monitoring IAM Controls


Automate end to end platform services, while reducing costs and speeding time to productivity. Generate real time, self service dashboards on Governance, Application Access and Critical Security Controls.

Industry: Identity and Access Controls Monitoring, Financial Sector
Areas of Expertise: Modern Stack Data Services and BI
Tools: Ultralake, Data Lake Query Engine and Tableau

Customer Challenges

Financial institutions operate critical security controls and application access certification routinely based on the significance of the application. In order to run its functions effectively, the analyst team needs intimate insights and metrics in a timely manner and routed to the appropriate audience.

The largest obstacle was the extensive reporting time, delaying time to action. Additional effort was required to process data heavy workloads running on archaic data and analytics systems unable to scale.

The existing reporting system generated massive, static Excel reports unable to give depth and context to data, confusing and overwhelming users. Simply put, large loads of data were captured in an ineffective model, and allowed for wide spectrums of interpretation, while giving no true insight into the material information. Highly manual and inefficient.

Initial efforts to optimize their existing systems by implementing recognized industry leading solutions like Apache Spark, Hive, and Impala caused substantial operation costs on infrastructure, resources, and licensing, while failing to scale or deliver on query performance reporting. XtraLeap and (Leading Data Lake Query Engine platform) was brought in to reduce further costs, while accelerating time to insights.

The Solution

Primary goal was to migrate from manual intensive reporting to automated simplified reporting cadence with better insights, improved decision making, and reduced costs.

The business required a robust solution to overcome the limitations of their existing solutions. XtraLeap, with its expertise in Open Source Apache Stack, recommended the implementation plan for the Open Architecture platform which scales up to petabytes of data to support.

All the data was extracted from more than 1000 tables and 30 different sources that were in the Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, and flat files. A unified data service layer on top of elastic storage was built which could serve critical decision making such as gap analysis, user access historical analysis, mission-critical trading platforms user security access and activity reviews, provisioning and revoke user access SLA’s, calculate risk exposures and distribute the reports to (the intended audience) application owners and department heads, etc.

“The functionality and services through XtraLeap saved not only time but also cost 40% less. And the solution was able to leverage existing work/investment on HDFS. With new software; there are always new rules of the book, expected rework, and upfront investment. It is a known pain, but XtraLeap software flexibility and the nature of close integration with the open standards made it simple. XtraLeap is special and they know the game.” An opinion of technical expert.

Role-based data security was provided to every level as per guidelines. Each custom report was available to the appropriate business analysts, auditors team, and different departmental teams of different hierarchy levels. The application was equipped with various features such as authentication, authorization, and data access policies to serve the data by maintaining fidelity and integrity.

Dashboards were consumed on a self-service web browser, and users could conduct in-depth analysis and on-time remediation on suspicious activity. Users are empowered to perform Analytics powered by Ultralake. Data refresh was near real-time and delivered automated insights and reports on a subscription basis.

Successful Outcomes

  • Improved data accuracy and availability for security controls monitoring in near real-time. The team is now able to get insights from different dashboards anywhere, at any time.

  • The Open Architecture and Open standards platform has reduced the total cost of ownership and reduction in commercial software licensing cost.

  • Significantly reduced manual effort with the automated data service layer and subscribed to near real-time insights, with improved operations agility and speed.

  • An Increase in on-time reports delivery across the globe helped save several operation hours and gave teams insight into actionable anomalies.

  • Custom role based data security for each level of management for monitoring application access controls in their appropriate departments.