Global Hospitality Company improved productivity with HCM analytics.


A self-service data analytics solution for human resource management to help manage organization talent and productivity while gaining insights into hiring high quality employees, maximizing retention, workforce diversity, team effectiveness, employee satisfaction and development, turnover and hire analysis, and improving productivity while balancing human capital costs.

Industry: Human Capital Management, Hospitality & Supply Chain
Areas of Expertise: Modern Stack Data Services and BI
Tools: Ultralake, Data Lake Query Engine, Power BI

Customer Challenges

A hospitality company runs its operations across multiple locations worldwide with multiple hundreds of thousands of employees. The company lacked visibility into employees, wages, hire and turnover analysis, employee satisfaction, and performance metrics. Executive management wanted a self-service solution with timely insights to improve company performance with 360 degree view across all locations.

“People are our strength especially the frontline people in hospitality. Lack of people analytics leaves many questions ignored and unanswered. It can adversely affect our brand reputation, and this is not good for us. We need the answers now or any moment to make better decisions; not just about finance, business operations, and revenue-generating streams but also on human capital and processes. To embrace our culture and fill the gaps in the processes then we need insights. Data can reveal the Good, Bad, and Ugly Side of our processes." An executive leader shared.

The proposed solution was to reduce time to insights by automating the data acquisition, cleansing, and delivery process via self-service actionable analytics for every role in the company.

The Solution

The proposed solution consists of Ultralake and Data Lake Query Engine deployed on cloud infrastructure with scale to fit dynamic workload and the Company’s needs as they grow and expand globally..

This architecture separates the storage and computing saving more than 30% monthly on infrastructure. This solution proved lowest price to performance compared to other leading proprietary solutions considered.

The solution consisted of three components. Ultralake collects the data from more than 40 tables in Oracle HCM, cleanses it, and stores it on object storage in a tabular format. Data Lake Query Engine is placed on top of data lake and acts as a query engine to provide results back to the client using its lightning-fast query processing technology.

All the business questions were answered under sub-seconds of response time. Data was available near real-time to answer important business questions. Power BI is used as a self-service analytics platform that connects and fires live queries to Data Lake Query Engine. This enabled the HR team to visually explore, drill-down, and download reports on their own without having to ask the technical team all the time.

Successful Outcomes

  • Realtime Actionable insight for HR teams, line managers, and C-suite.

  • Fast time-to-value with workforce KPIs, dashboards and reports.

  • Workforce insights to meet strategic goals.

  • Extensible data service layer that adapts to fast changing business needs.

  • Self-service data discovery on any device, anytime, any where.

  • 360-degree view analysis across worldwide workforce and automated processes.