XtraLeap Welcomes Kevin Dunn as Co-Founder and President

Livermore, CA, February 18, 2021 — xtraleap, the modern enterprise cloud data & analytics software company, today announced the appointment of Kevin Dunn as President and Co-Founder.

Kevin brings extensive experience in building and managing go-to-market and channel partner teams in enterprise software, with a 20-year track record of success in several leading companies. Before joining xtraleap, Kevin served as Senior Director - Head of Channels for Oracle. Kevin has made a career of solving the most complex business challenges using the most basic of tools. The best tool has always been listening first. Hearing what is the actual challenge and offering creative, critical problem-solving solutions with as many existing resources as possible.

His number one goal is to establish a trusting relationship that lasts through the years. Kevin has worked with the most innovative technologies who have traveled through “nice to have,” to “must-haves to stay competitive and relevant.” Following his career is like following a timeline of innovative acquisitions. Just a few of the companies that have acquired the companies Kevin worked with; Nortel, HP, Oracle, SAP, TIBCO, SugarCRM. Along with Big Data and Analytics pioneers Datameer and Thoughtspot.

Siva Kowsika, Founder of xtraleap, said: “Kevin is a visionary leader who has an incredible track record of building a great channel and sales teams at various enterprise companies. Kevin’s insights will be invaluable to xtraleap strategy and growth, given the company focuses on building proprietary solutions and partnering with industry-leading data and analytics firms to help transform data analytics solutions into simple, secure and accessible for all in a cost-efficient manner.”

Kevin Dunn added: “I’m excited to join xtraleap as a president and co-founder. Having run several channel partnerships for global software companies, I appreciate the scope of data and analytics resources, expertise that xtraleap can bring to SMBs and Enterprises. Given this period of high growth and innovation in the Cloud Data and Analytics market, xtraleap is well-positioned to help enterprises realize the potential of their data.”

About Xtraleap

We are the company in ❤️ with data analytics beyond the horizon. xtraleap data expert teams build simple, secure, scale, and cost-effective solutions for businesses to analyze, share, gain insights, and the true value of their data.

xtraleap started with a mission to create compelling customer experiences for businesses by driving results using the Data Analytics excellence culture. This is the value it generates through expertise, engagement, and loyalty. With five decades of combined experience servicing an extensive & diverse range of enterprise software and clients, xtraleap team is building data analytics solutions to support mission-critical business around the world.

xtraleap not only works with enterprises to solve complex business challenges with data but also enables low-cost access to data & analytics with cost savings of up to 90%. We invest for a better future through our collaboration to drive this change. With the right people, technology and processes, we are pushing the boundaries to create breakthrough analytics technology and services easily accessible for all.