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Choose a plan that match your needs.

We have you covered, whether you are an individual, a team or a business.


Xtraleap Freemium

Limited Features & Capacity.

Questions? Read FAQ


Happy Cloud

Pay as you go

Starter / Prime / Elite

Fully Managed Cloud Service

Pay Month to Month, No Hassle

Many Data Connectors

Data Warehouse, ELT, BI & Reporting

User Management & RBAC

SSO Integration

SLA & Timely Support Response

Monitoring / Telemetry

Professional Services - Extra Cost


Suitable for large-scale deployments, private & dedicated servers, resources, unlimited workspaces, users, dashboards, and more.

Pricing Info
  1. Starter: $100 /month. 2M rows of ELT, 5 users or 1 policy group, and 2 data pipelines, 5 dashboards or reports, slack alerts.

  2. Prime: $1600 /month. 25M rows of ELT, 15 users or 5 policy groups, and unlimited data pipelines, dashboards, reports, slack alerts.

  3. Elite: $4500 /month, 100M rows of ELT,  50 users or 10 policy groups, and unlimited data pipelines, dashboards, reports, slack alerts.

  4. Custom pricing tiers are available for users requiring more than the Elite Tier, with volume-based discounts for large-scale usage.

  • What is Xtraleap Freemium?
    Xtraleap freemium is available for businesses for internal use only, and with limited features. This freemium model will encourage Small Startups Small Businesses Non-Profits, etc. Speak to us to learn more.
  • Are there limitations with Free Software vs. Cloud?
    Free Software comes with a few limitations as compared to our cloud version. Some of the limitations are: Single Sign On is not available on free software like integration with G Suite, Okta, Auth0, Azure AD, etc. Supports only Xtraleap local authentication which is username / password, and 2 factor authentication. Slack notifications are not available. Product Telemetry / Observability / Real-time incident notifications are not available. Pre-Built solution templates are not available. Like Salesforce, Hubspot dashboard templates, etc. No Multi-Tenancy. Support is an add-on cost. Paid Professional Services Please contact us if you have more questions.
  • What is Xtraleap Cloud?
    Xtraleap cloud removes the headache of building and maintaining Data & Analytics stack by providing a fully managed cloud service for enterprises. Just as importantly, we ensure service availability, security, single sign on integration, on time support, and scalability, etc.
  • What is Happy Cloud plan?
    The Happy Cloud version comes on a pay-as-you-go month to month basis. This model is well suited for companies with predictive monthly billings. The plan starts with a minimum reserved capacity for your needs and additional capacity requirements would be a top-up.
  • Any other questions?
    If you've more questions or want to know more about our pricing plans, please send an email: or We are happy to assist.
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