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How to customize with your "Branding" colors?

Custom Branding

Custom Branding in software adds an extra touch of personalization in B2B scenarios, and can help businesses offer better customer service experiences.

What is Custom Branding?

If you want to personalize your analytics service within your company by using company branding such as colors and logos, or if you are a B2B service provider and want to set up workspaces for each of your clients, you can modify the workspaces to reflect their Branding.

Who uses Custom Branding?

The XtraLeap service is for individuals, teams, or organizations who want a place to manage data analytics and reports that feels tailored to them. The XtraLeap service makes it simple to do so by adding a logo and your colors of your choice.

Custom branding adds the personalization that your clients are interested in. Each of their workspace can be personalized to reflect their unique brand identity.

Why Custom Branding is important?

A little bit of extra polish goes a long way to establishing and sustaining relationships with clients and teams.

Custom branding will change the look of XtraLeap for your whole organization with a few clicks. Custom branding also appears to all the users who have access to your reports in B2B scenarios, helping to easily distinguish your organization.

How to apply "Custom Branding" to your XtraLeap service?

It is very easy to do. Check this tutorial and follow the steps.



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